We take the hassle out of hosting

New to hosting guests in your apartment? Not sure where to start? Then let Urban Living Lifestyle manage the rest. With over 1000 properties handled for people like you in Manchester, we have all the experience, resources, and workforce to effectively manage your apartment listings so that you can enjoy higher income without the hassle that usually comes with it.

What we do for you

Cleaning & linen

We get professional cleaners to give the apartment a thorough clean in between every guest visit.

Managed Apartment

We do all the legal paperwork for you so you don’t have to worry.

24-hour guest support

We liaise with your guests throughout their stay to ensure their experience is hassle-free.

Key exchange & Welcome

Peace of mind for guests as they check-­in any time of day or night.

Guest Communication

Remain on call throughout your guest’s stay with prompt responses and enticing dialogue.

Price optimisation

We use a combination of specialised technology and local knowledge to set the perfect price.


We take care of basic property maintenance, you will never have to worry about the little things such as, changing a lightbulb.

Check Out & Inventory

We carry out thorough checks after each guest leaves to ensure your property is safe and make sure nothing is missing.

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