Manchester – The Cosmopolitan
Capital of the North

All the major attractions, shopping districts
are within walking distance.

culture and its attitude

It’s famous the world over for its football, its music, its culture and its attitude. As someone famous once said, we’ve got everything here but a beach. From chain stores to quirky independent boutiques; pub grub to haute cuisine, we’ve got something for all tastes. World-class theatre, world-class football (now and then), fantastic nightlife – and you won’t find friendlier people anywhere else.

So which is the UK’s second city? We prefer to leave London and Birmingham to sort that one out between themselves.

premium experience

Urban Living Lifestyle Apartment offers a premium experience of the city to visitors to Manchester, with a combination of spacious, well designed hotel interiors, with all the comforts of home.


Meet the team

Ronak, Sunny and Kiefer are always on hand to make sure your stay with us is perfect. If there’s anything you need – from a corkscrew to a club recommendation – they’re at your service.

Ronak Singh

Director & Property Manager

Ronak knows property, inside and out. He prides himself on being a responsive and attentive manager, running his own successful agency for eight years, before selling to a competitor and establishing Urban Living. If there’s anything you need while you’re staying with us, Ronak’s your man.

Sunny Singh

Chief Marketing Manager

Sunny, our marketing manager, has experience in both the public and private sectors. He also has a portfolio of five properties, so he knows exactly what makes a great renting experience for both short and long term tenants.


Operations Manager

10 years customer service experience combined with 5 years of client engagement experience ensures each of our customers receive a fantastic service through effective booking management. We aim to satisfy our customers first time. Kiefer and our attentive team are on hand to assist customers at each stage of their experience, from the booking process, to